Wednesday, June 20, 2012


There are two very interesting judicial races that will be on the ballot in our area.  Two of the candidates are my son and son-in-law, respectively.

My son, Brendan Williams, is running for the Court of Appeals Position Number 2.  Division 2 is a Court of Appeals which hears appeals from lower courts in Grays Harbor, Mason, Thurston, Kitsap and Jefferson counties.  Brendan is a former three term State Representative from the Olympia area, and is currently a Deputy Insurance Commissioner.  He previously clerked for retired Chief Justice Gary Alexander on the Washington State Supreme Court.  Brendan has a Master's degree in Criminal Justice, has authored three law review articles in criminal law, and while a legislator served on the House Judiciary and Criminal Justice committees.  Brendan lives in Olympia with his wife Nicole and my 9 year old grandson, Blake.  I urge you to support and vote for Brendan.  Please visit Brendan’s website at:

My son-in-law, Jim Johnson, is running for Thurston County Superior Court Position Number 2.  He is a lawyer who is currently an Assistant Attorney General representing the Department of Labor and Industries.  Over many years, I have had a chance to litigate cases against him (not since he married my daughter) and I have found him to be extremely intelligent, a talented attorney, and a pleasure to work with.  Jim has worked and lived in Olympia for many years, raising his children and my grandchildren here.  Curiously, one of his opponents, Christine Schaller, lives in and is registered to vote in Pierce County.  Jim graduated from the University of Michigan Law School with high honors in 1991.  He is on the Executive Board of the Government Lawyers Bar Association, and serves on the Board of Directors of South Sound Parent to Parent, a local non-profit that helps families with children with special needs get the services to which they are entitled.  Jim is a great guy and a valuable member of the community here in Olympia, and I urge you to vote for him for Thurston County Position Number 2.   Please visit Jim’s website at:

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